Bubble Awnings

By far, the Bubble Awning is the most desired awning in our product catalog.  Every inch of the aluminum frame has to be bent and fabric has to be patterned to fit.  I place my bows somewhere between 10.5 and 12 inches on center and always with an odd number of panels. (In the event of an alternating stripe it’s the same on both sides) The panels are sewn not stapled.  I will not construct with the stapled panels as it does not represent the quality of product I want 300x200_4

to be known for. The bubble is one of the longest lasting covers because of the way it’s sewn and the fact that there is no movement with the cover so there is no chafe of the fabric. The frames are close to art work with the TIG , the symmetrical design and the panels that follow on the bows. From underneath it appears as one piece of fabric. I recommend for a side entry door on a typical home a 6’6 wide unit. This provides 3’3” of projection and will allow for a storm door to swing within the radius of the awning. Yet still be mounted at a height to provide maximum cover for rain. There is no finer produced bubble awning than ours.

Don’t mind the technical details. Let us explain in person.

American Awning Guarantee

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