Retractable Awnings

American Awning is proud to offer customers the SUNAIR® Retractable Awning.
There are a variety of ways that a SUNAIR® retractable awning can add to your outdoor spa

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A SUNAIR® Lateral Arm Awning offers the ideal solution for creating a comfortable outdoor
environment the whole family can enjoy. Imagine staying cool on your deck and protecting your
family from the sun’s harmful rays. Finally you can enjoy cookouts and entertaining the way it is
meant to be with a Sunair® Retractable Awning.

A Sunair® retractable lateral arm awning is the ideal shading solution for decks and patios. They can be conveniently mounted on the wall, soffit or roof for additional headroom. With a simple hand crank or the convenience of an optional motor, your awning will instantly protect you and your family from the elements. On cloudy days or when not in use, your Sunair® awning is completely self-storing. It eliminates the need for seasonal removal and storage. With over 30 years of experience, SUNAIR® is the innovator in the industry. We have engineered the most durable arm systems, using the strongest materials and the most sophisticated arm design.


You can reduce sunlight and glare through your windows by up to 94% and reduce heat gain by as much as 77%. Awnings can reduce cooling energy by as much as 17% in moderate climates. You can also reduce your utility bills.


A SUNAIR® awning provides you and your family with 99% UV protection, while also protecting furniture and carpeting from fading. Now you can enjoy the outdoors without worry.
Or you can choose from our selection of custom American Awning Retractable awnings with your custom fabric selection. Look through our gallery for a retractable solution that meets your needs or give us a call/send us a message. (Link to contact page).