Retreat Awnings

The retreat awning is a remake of the old traditional patio/deck awning with several twists.  We build the awning in most cases to be able to stay up all year long.  It has limits but I have several that project out 16’ and have been in place for many years. Part of making this happen is the addition of reinforced areas that are prone to wear. 300x200_5

Most units will require a support beam in the center of the span and we incorporate mounting for ceiling fans on the beam.  We offer installation of LCD Rope Lighting on the underside as well.  The cover on these awnings can be removed in about 45 minutes to an hour.  We do recommend cover removal in the event of snow with accumulations of 6” or more.  We provide a seasonal Take-Down and Storage with Spring Installation and for our awnings any repairs that are the result of normal wear will be addressed before re-installation at no additional charge.  As the cover ages, we recommend cleaning the awning and the application of a UV Inhibitor and water repellant.  For that patio or deck that is a living space with upholstered furniture, TV, Outdoor Kitchen with lamps, rugs, etc., this is the perfect application.

Don’t mind the technical details.  Let us explain in person.  Call us or send us an email.  We will be back in touch to help you find the awning that is perfect for your needs.

There are stationary awnings and then there is American Awning’s Retreat awning. The Retreat awning offers a new life style in outdoor living, designed and constructed for year round protection for your deck or patio. These awnings can be customized with your selection of fabric, ceiling fans, and lights is you wish. Ask us why this awning is different than the other stationary awnings on the market.
Visit the Retreat Gallery for more pictures and call or email if you want to learn more or setup an appointment.